Our company was founded in 1994 and specializes in the production of paper printed fabrics and special intaglio plates. There are currently 5 sets of color printing machines from Taiwan Ruixiang Factory, 7 sets of color printing machines from Taiwan New, Hongbao Precision Printing Machine, and a complete set of etching and plate making equipment. The production plant covers an area of 1800 square meters and has a design room, plate making room, photo typesetting room, inspection workshop, paper printing workshop, cloth printing workshop, and sample display room. Integrating plate making, production, processing, and sales. For many years, our company has used modern methods for enterprise management and strictly guarded product quality in production. We insist on selecting high-quality products for raw materials such as paper, dyes, and plate making, fundamentally ensuring that our company's products always reach the top quality level. Continuously researching and innovating in technology, breakthroughs have been made in the transfer printing of cotton, non-woven fabrics, nylon, and nylon, resulting in bright colors and strong fastness of the products. The high sunlight does not fade after 200 hours, far exceeding the similar sunlight standards of domestic and foreign peers. The product color, fastness, dry wet friction, etc. all meet international standards. Business scope of the company: 1. Cloth category: * cotton cloth transfer printing * nylon and nylon transfer printing * transfer printing pattern dyeing paper * paper printed cloth * TC single-sided cloth * Teduolong double-sided cloth * OP stretch cloth * shiny PK cloth * diamond flannelette * electronic silk flannelette * Nonwoven fabric direct printing 2. Plate making category: manufacturing transfer printing plate, wood grain plate, food packaging plate, bronzing plate, plastic PVC printing plate, various intaglio plates, All plate making is done by computer drawing, precision automatic typesetting machine for film production, consistent operation, and quality assurance.


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